E-Learning :

To provide quality education to all, in different levels of one's career path starting from primary to higher secondary and in various technical, technological, vocational and skill-specific job oriented trainings through digital media and e-learning, is our goal. We want to popularize personalized and project based learning thereby enhancing the standard of our education and making the training process qualitative, easy and persuasive. E-learning

e-Learning provides an enabling platform for learners to upgrade their skills and knowledge anytime and anywhere through a computing device, be it a laptop or a smart phone. It’s smart way of learning. It allows users to go through the lessons repetitively deepening their understanding in the weak areas by browsing the video tutorials and doing the practice sessions which are offered in 24x7 mode – both online and offline. This is a unique way of leading and educating communities – an effective tool empowering today's diverse learners. The best of education, once captured in the video classes, can be offered to any student, even living in a remote village where good teachers or schools are not available.

We, in TEKONS Education, a non-profit organization, are committed to work towards enhancement of educational standards of our students in all levels including the elementary, primary and secondary school students studying in Odiya, the local language through personalized and project based learning.

We have teamed up with ‘Sikshya’, for implementing the e-learning math program in Odiya medium schools of Odisha. The e-learning kit includes self-paced maths learning videos and chapter-wise exercises and practices of ‘Sikshya’ both in offline and online mode as per Odiya medium math syllabus up till class X, those can be practiced in computers/tablets. It enables tracking of the progress of each student using it, through a dashboard feature available in the integrated learning management system. Thus, it shall provide continuous guidance to the students through performance feedback and shall reinforce their learning process. Besides, we have partnered with several other players in e-learning domain and putting our own in-house efforts to launch similar such e-learning programs for adult literacy, skill specific enhancements, computer literacy. We have already started these classes for the benefit of the local students in our center in Rasulgarh, for the benefit of the local students in this vicinity.
TEKONS Education is looking for CSR , other Institutional funding & individual contributors for the scale-up of it's existing projects & also to adopt many such new projects fulfilling these causes in a sustainable manner.

TEKONS Education's Ongoing E-Learning Projects:

  • Rasulgarh Ashram School, Bhubaneswar, INDIA
  • Devraj Vidyapeeth, Bhubaneswar, INDIA

Rasulgarh Ashram School, Bhubaneswar

school A residential school for girls from class one to seven Under SC & ST department of Govt. of Odisha. Currently has a total of 111 students. We have already started the following computer Specific program in the schools for the year 2017
  • e-learning Maths program for class VI students using 4 tablets and 2 chrome books(Donated by Caring Hands Foundation) . For this program we have adopted ‘Sikshya’ kit
  • Computer Literacy Program.
    The Goals of the Program
    • Demystify Computers
    • Orient students to Internet, Web, Email, Cloud, Android
    • Orient Students to Programming
    • Use existing Computers by implementing Student Application s/w
    • Facilitate teachers to use Open Office suite
  • Plan to implement School Automation Software
    The Software has following Modules
    • Student Profile
    • Attendance
    • Academics
    • Extra-curricular
    • Achievements
Future Plans :

To Scale Up operation to accommodate more number of students & to implement all above mentioned programs in a sustainable manner.

Devraj Vidyapeeth, Bhubaneswar

school school A co-ed school in Bomikhal Area with 8th, 9th and 10th
Currently a mix of 8th and 9th class students are coming to TEKONS facility every Saturday for the E-learning Maths Program.
For this program At TEKONS facility we are currently using
  • Low Cost Tablets
  • Chrome Books (Donated by Caring Hands Foundation)
  • Computer Literacy Program.
  • Linux clients on LAN
Future Plans :
  • Implement E-learning MATHS Program in School.
  • Plan to implement School Automation Software.

Feel the Zeal

Feel the zeal and impact our programs have created –
Even the first graders want to join in even when resources are less ……

Where we want to go

  • Quality education for all
  • Education in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Enhanced learning through project based and peronalized focus